Lonsdor K518 Update Chevrolet IMMO up to 2020

Lonsdor K518ISE and K518S released new update on December 9th, 2020. The new upgrade adding lots of Chevrolet key programming models up to 2020.


Read pin code & offline

Colorado/2015-2018/Remote/Mechanical key
Equinox/2017-2019/Smart key
Malibu/2017-2020/Smart key/AII key lost
Silverado 1500/2017-/Smart key/AII key lost
Silverado 2500/2015-2020/Mechanical key/AII key lost
Silverado 2500/2015-2020/Romote
Suburban/2017-2019/Smart key/AII key lost
Tahoe/2017-/Smart key/AII key lost
Traverse/2019-/Smart key/AII key lost
Trax/Mechanical key/2013-2019/AII key lost
Bolt/2017/Smart key/AII key lost
Camaro/2017-/Smart key/AII key lost
Colorado/2015-2018/Mechanical key
Cruze/2017-2019/Smart key
Express Van/2008-2020/Remote
Express Van/2008-2020/Mechanical key/AII key lost

Note: Please connect network and One key update
for the details in Update log.


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