2019 Lonsdor K518S vs. 2018 Lonsdor K518ISE??


Any difference between Lonsdor K518ISE and newly launched K518S?? Price is $450 difference? Something else other than that?
The old Lonsdor K518ISE still upgradeable??




Lonsdor K518ISE is still upgradeable.

The same: IMMO capabilities + Vehicle coverage.

The difference:  The update subscriptions, Lonsdor K518S offers 2 optional subscriptions. K518ISE has only 1 update subscription.


Lonsdor K518S:


  1. SK213-B:  Basic package+ 6 month free trail menu
  2. SK213-S1: One-year subscription (850USD) after  6-month free trail. 2nd year update cost: $600; 3rd year: $300. The update costs declines year by year
  3. SK213-S2: lifetime update subscription (not incl. hardware and basic package)


PDF: Lonsdor K518S function list

***Marked in Black: Free Menus

Marked in Red: Subscribed menuslonsdor-k518s-paid-menu

The parts with black words are free forever.

The red parts need pay for subscription.



Lonsdor K518ISE (English version):

  1. SK213: basic package (free lifetime)


  1. SK213-S: one-year subscription (630USD)