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Lonsdor K518 Update Ford IMMO 2020-2022 Free Pin Code


Lonsdor K518 series (Lonsdor K518ISE  and K518S ) released new Ford Lincoln software on Sept. 15th, 2023. Update time: Sept. 15, 2023 Program Via OBD Add key Without PIN code SUPPORT MODELS:  Ford Edge(2020-) Mustang(2020-) Explorer(2020-) Transit(2020-2021) F-250 Raptor(2020-2022) F-350 Raptor(2020-2022) F-Series…
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Lonsdor K518 Adds Ferrari Buick and Peugeot IMMO in July 2023


Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S key programmer update Ferrari Buick and Peugeot immobilizer models on July 31st, 2023. FERRARI FF\lmmobilizer   BUICK China\GL8 (2017-) Smart key\Type3   PEUGEOT 108 (2014) Immobilizer 2008 (2019-2021)  all smart key lost 2008 (2019-2021)  lmmobilizer\Type 2 2008 (2019-2021) lmmobilizer\Type 2 2008 (2019-2021)  lmmobilizer\Type 2 208\lmmobilizer\Type 2 208\Smart key…
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Lonsdor K518 Update Alfa Romeo Immo Models in July 2023


Lonsdor K518 series  (K518ISE/K518S) released new software update on July 25th, 2023.   Adds Alfa Romeo immobilizer vehicle models Select from vehicle\Asia\147\Mechanical key\2000-2010\1K79X_48 Select from vehicle\Asia\147\Mechanical key\2000-2010\3K91 D_48 Select from vehicle\Asia\159\Mechanical key\2005-2012\1K79X_48 Select from vehide\Asia\159\Mechanical key\2005-2012\3K91D_48 Select from vehicle\Asia\4C Spider\2013-2019\Mechanical…
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