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Lonsdor K518 Adds Alfa Romeo IMMO Models in July 2021


Lonsdor K518ISE and K518S newly released Alfa Romeo immo key programming models in July 2021.   Add following Alfa models: #July 16th Update log: ALFA ROMEO\Select from vehicle\Australia\Giulietta\2010-2012\Immobilizer ALFA ROMEO\Select from vehicle\Australia\Mito\2009-\Immobilizer ALFA ROMEO\Select from vehicle\Australia\Giulietta\2013-\Immobilizer ALFA ROMEO\Select from vehicle\Australia\GT\2003-2009\Immobilizer…
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Lonsdor K518ISE Adds GM till 2020 (Aug. 2020)

lonsdor k518ise chevrolet update

Lonsdor K518ISE and K518S released new Chevrolet software update: CHEVROLET Update  (Free Pin Code/ Offline) Sonic/2013-2020 Spin/2012-2018 Tracker/2013-2020 Vectra/ 2006-2020 Camaro/2017-2019 Trax/2013-2019 Blazer-2019- Trailblazer/2020 Corvette/2017- Sonic/2012-2020 Corvette Stingray/2017-2019 Note: Please connect network and One key update for the details in…
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