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Lonsdor K518 Updated Alfa Fiat Opel Immo Models in December 2019


Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S key programmer updated new Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Opel immobilizer models.   Lonsdor K518ISE Update (2019-12-13) Brand Menu Function FIAT FIAT\North America\UNO Key count,Program key,Remote count,Program remote,Backup EEPROM,Recover EEPROM,Backup FLASH,Make dealer key(48),Read PIN code, BORGWARD BORGWARD\BX6\PEPS Add smart…
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Lonsdor K518ISE updated Scion Smart Pontiac IMMO models (2019-03-14)


Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer released new update adding Scion, Smart, Audi AL4 and Pontiac Immobilizer key programming.   Scion/CH-R/2018/Smart key Scion/CH-R/2018/mechanical key Scion/FR-S/2013-2016/Smart key Scion/FR-S/2013-2016/mechanical key Scion/iA/2016-2018/smart key Scion/iM/2017-2018/mechanical key Scion/tC/2005-2010/mechanical key Scion/tC/2011-2015/smart key Scion/tC/2011-2015/mechanical key Scion/xB/2012-2013/mechanical key Scion/xB/2012/remote Scion/xD/2012-2013/mechanical key…
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Lonsdor K518ISE/ K518S Software Optimization (2019-03-14)


Lonsdor K518ise/K518s optimized software on Mar. 14th, 2019. Software Optimization 1. VW IMMO2 & IMMO3 [Read PIN ] 2. VW IMMO4: Enable more dashboards to auto-identify immo type 3. Skoda IMMO2 & IMMO3 [Read PIN] 4. Skoda IMMO4: Enable more dashboards to auto identify mmo type 5. BMW CAS: CAS1 is available: CAS2/CAS3 [Delete key]. 6. BMW FEM/BDC: Suport swfl_00002419_071_010_040,swfl_00002419_080_010_010 software version 7. Toyota: Optimize menu [Select from vehicle] 8. Dodge/Chrysler/JEEP & Honda 9. Hyundai/Kia: Optimize [Read46 chip PIN]and [Read PIN code (46 smart card) ], support obtaining PIN via LKE decoding 10.BYD: [Generate working key], support generating SK via LKE simulator to obtain PIN 1. Porsche: Optimize key programming procedure.For Bote(2005-2011)/Cayman(2005-2011)/997(2005-2010)/911(2005-2010),support bypass programming with LKE.