Free Download Lonsdor Nissan 22-Digit Pin Calculator Software provides Nissan 22-digit pin code calculator software download free.


Affected Nissan models:

Nissan Kicks 2018-

Nissan Sentra 2020-

Nissan Versa 2020-

with Chassis number: P15.

lonsdor nissan pin code calculator 2

USB dongle:

Lonsdor Nissan pin code calculator 

Comes with 20 times limited calculation.

PIN calculation needs to use a dongle to connect to the USB port of PC.
The driver installation is not required.




The remaining number of PIN calculations is memorized by the dongle.
Each calculation will reduce by 1. If the number reduce to 0, the dongle can be discarded.
You need to buy a new dongle.


Operating system:

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10


Free download Lonsdor Nissan 22-Digit Pin Code Calculator Software

lonsdor nissan pin code calculator


The pin code calculator can be used with Lonsdor K518ISE series and other key programmers that have newer Nissan key programming capability.


Menu path when used with K518:

Nissan/ Select from vehicle/ Asia/ Kicks/ 2017- /Immobilizer/
Nissan/ Select from vehicle/ Asia/ Kicks/ 2017-/ Smart Key


Demo example when use with other programmers (xtool x100 pad3):

2018-2020 Nissan Kicks Calculate PIN and Program Smart Proximity