Lonsdor Hyundai Kia 8A Smart Key Car List

Lonsdor released Hyundai and Kia 8A smart key programming using PS6000B and PA7800B smart keys.


Here is the Hyundai Kia 8A smart key supported vehicle list and shell.
Software and Frequency is convertible.


Supports P4:

0000A3A3 / 000000D3 / 0000D3D3

0000B3B3 / 00002323 / 0000CECE

0000D0D0 / 0000D2D2 / 0000CDCD


Supported Models:

Sonata 9/15-17
Sonata 9 Hybrid/15-17
Beijing Hyundai 1X25/17-19
Kia K3/16-18
Beijing Hyundai IX25/-16 front
Beijing Hyundai 1X35/18+
Elantra leads 16-19

HYUNDAI Sonata 2015-2017
HYUNDAI Sonata Hybrid 2015-2017
HYUNDAI IX35 2018+
HYUNDAI Elantra 2016-2019
KIA K3 2016-2018


How to Program Hyundai Kia 8A Smart Key with Lonsdor K518?

Go to Special Functions-> Key Settings-> XD smart keys-> Smart key conversion

Convert smart key to your original key version

Then go to immobilizer menu, select corresponding models and program 8A smart key.


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