Lonsdor K-prog2 Adapter Module is Not Bound Solution


I need to read Volvo KVM data with Lonsdor K518ISE K-prog2 programmer. But it days run App failed. Adapter module is not bound. Any solution?



You have to combine kprog2 adapter with K518ISE in order to read immo data.

Follow instruction here to bind kprog 2 with k518.

How to connect or bind KProg with Lonsdor K518:

If it’s the first time to use the KProg adapter, you need to bind it with K518ISE.

Connect kprog

Go to the K518ISE home page

Choose “Settings -> Bind adapter”

And follow the direction to finish binding

You have to know:

One K518ISE host can bind up to 5 adapters

And the bound adapter can not be bound to other K518ISE hosts.

Once bound, no need to bind again.

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