Lonsdor K518 Adds Volvo 2022- Key Programming by OBD

Lonsdor K518 Pro and K518 series update Volvo Lynk & Co Immobilizer software.

Volvo, Lynk&Co
New models: support 3rd party to query 10-bit security code, programming by OBD

LYNK&CO\LYNK&CO 01\2017-\Smart key
LYNK&CO\LYNK&CO 02\2018-\Smart key
LYNK&CO\LYNK&CO 03\2018-\Smart key
VOLVO\S60 Electric vehicle(EV)\2022-\Smart key
VOLVO\S60\2020-2021\Smart key
VOLVO\S60\2022-\Smart key
VOLVO\S90 Electric vehicle(EV)\2022-\Smart key
VOLVO\S90\2017-2021\Smart key
VOLVO\S90\2022-\Smart key
VOLVO\V60\2018-\Smart key
VOLVO\V90\2016-2021\Smart key
VOLVO\V90\2022-\Smart key
VOLVO\XC40 Electric vehicle(EV)\2022-\Smart key
VOLVO\XC40\2020-2021\Smart key
VOLVO\XC40\2022-\Smart key
VOLVO\XC60 Electric vehicle(EV)\2022-\Smart key
VOLVO\XC60\2018-2021\Smart key
VOLVO\XC60\2022-\Smart key
VOLVO\XC90\2015-2021\Smart key
VOLVO\XC90\2022-\Smart key


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