Lonsdor K518ISE Advanced Function About to Expire Solution

Lonsdor Error: 

“Advanced function is about to expire. Please contact dealer to purchase and renew.

Excess time:

Expiration time: ”



90 days free trail is due.



Renew the subscribed menus to use the advanced function.

Purchase yearly update subscription here:




Lonsdor K518ISE Menus are divided into two parts: free menus and subscribed menus.
1.Free menus are free for lifetime.
2. Subscribed menus can be used for free for 90 days. You need to pay for them after the trial period. After the trial period, subscribed menus will not work properly if you don’t pay. And the menus will disappear after updating the device.
A. 365 days is a period and the price is USD630 per period. One year period starts from the day of the trial period finished.
B. Purchase menus with a dealer. You can use the menus normally and permanently after payment.
C. Menus which you purchase includes subscribed menus that have been released and that will have been released in one year period.
D. Subscribed menus beyond one year period requires extra payment.

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