Lonsdor K518ISE Mercedes Benz & Smart Vehicle List

Here comes the Mercedes Benz and Smart immobilizer key programming list of Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S key programmer.


(Note: Models update till June 2019. Keep updating. Functions marked red below are under subscribed menu)

Benz IMMO Vehicle List 

MERCEDES-BENZ\Key system\System 1 Disable key,
MERCEDES-BENZ\Tail box controlling\C series\204 Trunk control,
MERCEDES-BENZ\Tail box controlling\CLK series\204 Trunk control,
MERCEDES-BENZ\Tail box controlling\E series\212 Trunk control,
MERCEDES-BENZ\Tail box controlling\S series\221 Trunk control,
Mercedes-Benz\Remote\163-ML Class Remote,Reset ECU,
Mercedes-Benz\Tail box controlling\E series\213.148 E300 SEDAN(2017) Trunk control,



Smart IMMO vehicle list

SMART\BR451\Immobilizer Program key,
SMART\BR450\-2002\Immobilizer Program key,
SMART\BR453\Immobilizer Read PIN code,Program key,Recover configured data,Test(disable),
SMART\BR452\2003-2006\Immobilizer Program key,Read key count,
SMART\BR454\2004-2006\Immobilizer Program key,
SMART\BR450\2002-\Immobilizer Program key,Read key count,


Smart Odometer correction vehicle list 

SMART\BR451\Odometer adjustment Odometer adjustment,
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