Lonsdor K518ISE Nissan X-trail 2014 Key Not Working After Programming?

Question: I try to spear key Nissan x trail 2014 with Lonsdor K518ISE now all keys are not working. What’s the solution please help me?



Need replace chip in BCM unit, chip damaged and not read transponder from coil in start/stop button.

Need just repair BCM. You have problems with “coil” around start button. Button doesn’t reed the key… and you can’t add keys. Need change ATIC164 2D in BCM.

Or back to dealer. New BCM unit. The BCM you tried to program is on the black list. Its going to be expensive.

Next time try start car without battery in key and after program keys. you can check good or not bcm before programming. if you can’t start car without battery in key, don’t try to add keys



Nissan blocked BCM list and tips to program keys

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