Lonsdor K518ISE Updated Toyota 8A 4A OBD Backup IMMO

Lonsdor K518ISE and K518S released a new breaking update on Feb. 2nd, 2023.

New function OBD data backup for Toyota/Lexus all keys lost.

No need to remove smart box module! No need pin code! No need extra cost! One button update! Breaking news from Lonsdor K518 for Toyota,Lexus by OBD data back-up. Supporting 8A-A8/8A-A9/8A-AA/4A!


Highlander 2017-, Crown 2016-2018, Prado 2018-, Lexus IS series 2016-2018

Camry 2018, Vellfire 2020-, IZOA 2018-, C-HR 2018-

RAV4 2020-, Wildlander 2020-, Avalon 2019-, Crown Kluger 2022-, Lexus ES Series 2020-, UX series 2018-, LS series 2020-

Corolla 2019-, Levin 2019-


Menu path:
K518: Special functions–>Key settings–>FT smart key–>8A
KH100: Special function–>FT smart key–>8A–>”Generate Emergency/Smart Key”


NOTE: With this update, you don’t need an ADP25 adapter. But the update must in Lonsdor Toyota AKL License.


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