Will Lonsdor K518 Program 2020 Land Rover Evoque Key?

Question: Will Lonsdor K518ISE write key to a 2020 Land rover Evoque?

2020 Evoque Low Configuration:

Lonsdor support OBD duplicates a new key. If some models ask for a 32-digit pin, it cannot be duplicated.

Supports all keys lost programming.


2020 Evoque High Configuration:

Add key: OBD duplicates a new key will not have keylessgo function, only remote and emergency start. To enable keyless function, you should perform all keys lost procedure.

JPLA version must replace CPU or RFA module, then do AKL under RFA replacement menu. Only in this case, the key will have keyless, remote, keyless entry functions.

If still no keyless function, you have to turn off the UWB function (two keys are required to replace the RFA module if you lose all keys).

To change the vehicle configuration, use the K518. To replace the RFA box or chip, use the 518 to operate first. Replace it, and then use 518 to program the key. (JLR adapter cable is required in the case of active alarms). If the K8D2 version, K518 cannot do it, it needs to be done by JLR official equipment.


LONSDOR JLR Jaguar Land rover 2018-2021 Key with Shell 5 Buttons

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