How to change SKP1000 Key Programmer Language (from Chinese to English)

Question: The special functions of my SKP1000 key programmer are in mandarin and key programming menu is in English. How can i change it to English?



If you have same problem or similar problem (key programming menu is in Chinese,others in English etc), please follow guide below:



How to change SKP1000 key programmer English?


  1. Provide you serial number to our customer service. The factory will send you language pack  “AdapterFile.bin” the next day

Note: How to check SKP1000 serial number?

Come to Special Function menu, select last option Adapter System, you’ll see device S/N



2. Copy “AdapterFile.bin” to SD card dl_file folder


3. Insert SD card into SKP1000 car key programmer tablet main unit

4. Come to Update Firmware-> Adapter Firmware to update the device (upgrade takes 10-20 minutes)



5. Upgrade success. SKP1000 auto key programmer software has been changed.