SKP1000 Car Key Programmer Update to V8.19 (2017-09-13)

SKP1000 car key programmer software released to new version V8.19 in September, 13th, 2017.


SKP1000 V8.19 update feature:

Updating remote key programming menu language to English


Free Download SKP1000 key programmer V8.19 software!PwMzALjZ!gofY-ywTQqkvMuvGvTlmQrQdHMP333kkgnL1LmLgeXw


How to update SKP1000 auto key programmer to V8.19?

  1. Format SD card
  2.  Download SKP1000 and extract file to SD card root directory
  3. Turn off the skp1000 and insert SD card, then turn device on
  4. Come to UPDATE FIRMWARE menu, select SYSTEM FIRMWARE. Wait for 1 minute to update device.

(Do not power off during the upgrade procedure. If power off by mistake, turn off and then ON to try it again)



5.  Update success. Turn off skp1000.

6. Turn on the machine again. Now remote key programming menu is in English.

V8.19 only updates language of remote key programming, if you need to change special function language to English, please provide S/N to get language pack to update, follow detail guide here: