Lonsdor K518 Read Peugeot 408 BSI Pin code and Program All Keys Lost by OBD

Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer will read pin code from BSI and program key/all keys lost on PSA Peugeot Citroen and DS. Here’s a demo guide on programming Peugeot 408 year 2013 remote key when all keys lost by OBD.


Lonsdor K518ISE PEUGEOT Car List

Series Origin Year Fuel Type Function
308 Other Other Other Key Programming
3008 Other Other Other Key Programming
307 Other 06- Other Key Programming
308S Other Other Other Key Programming
Read PIN Code Other Other Other Read PIN Code
Classified by System Smart Key Other Other Smart Key System
Classified by System Ordinary Key Other Other Key System
207 Other Other Other Key Programming
307 Other -06 Other Key Programming
508 Smart Key Other Other Smart Key System
508 Ordinary Key Other Other Key Programming
408 Other Other Other Key Programming



Peugeot key programming requires a PIN code to access.  You can obtain pin code from original key card, by VIN or by some OBD devices (Lonsdor K518/VVDI2 PSA). It’s dangerous to disassemble BSI to calculate pin code.


Peugeot 408 OBD socket location


Step 1: Read Pin Code

Connect Lonsdor K518 host with OBD diagnostic socket

Select Peugeot-> Read PIN Code


Select Type 2:

*Type 1: If you still have working key. Insert working key, turn ignition on, turn ignition off (Repeat)

*Type 2: Have working key or all keys lost. If you select Type 2,  wipers will brush and headlights turn on. They will back to normal after 30 sec.


Read PIN Code from BSI by OBD successfully


Step 2: Program Key

Select Peugeot 408 (Chinese manual does not have 408 optional, you can enter from 308. English manual does have 408 model. Check K518ISE Peugeot list on the top)


Select Program Key


Turn ignition to ON position


Lonsdor K518ISE will read vehicle information, VIN, software version etc


Enter Pin code and confirm


Complete the operation within 15 sec:

Turn ignition off and turn it on

Press YES to continue


Program first key success.

Press YES to program next key.


Follow K518 prompts:

Program remote procedure:

  1. Turn ignition off and remove key
  2. Insert a new key and turn ignition ON
  3. Press any button on remote key for 5 sec and release within 20 sec
  4. Turn ignition off and remove key
  5. If need to program more key, repeat step 2-4




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