Lonsdor K518ISE Subaru Smart Key Programming Manual

Here’s the operation guide on Subaru smart key programming using Lonsdor K518ISE.


In K518, we select Immo & Remote->Subaru-> Select from type-> Smart key-> choose type


You can scan the QR code to get Help file


Subaru smart key programming tips:

  1. Add smart key: program and add smart keys.
  2. Delete smart key: delete the programmed smart key.
  3. Generate LKE: use the immo data backed up before to generate a LKE (emulator key), which can be used to turn on dashboard and program/add smart key.



Operation process for all key lost(make sure LKE has been bound first, networking not required):

  1. Dismantle IMMO and read EEPROM data with other programmer(only support 93C86 data! Import the data to customfile folder in K518 memory)-> 2. Generate LKE-> 3. Use the generated LKE close to car start button(dashboard lights up)-> 4. Add smart key.

Tips: 1. Free of PIN code;

2. Click blue texts to view complete operation process.

3. [Bind key emulator] is in [generate LKE] menu, system will prompt whether current LKE has been bound, if not, please bind it to K518 first; if yes, please continue to generate LKE.

Add smart key

  1. This function will program keys.
  2. Please put a working smart key close to car start button, and you will hear one toot.
  3. Put a new smart key(to be programmed) close to the start button.
  4. Programming… Finished.

Delete smart key

  1. This function will delete keys, please confirm continue to operate or not?
  2. Please put a working smart key close to car start button, and you will hear one beep.
  3. Deleting keys… Finished.

Generate LKE

  1. This function can generate a backup master key when all keys are lost, which can turn on dashboard to add and program other keys.
  2. Please put key emulator(LKE emulator) into K518 card slot.
  3. Identifying the key emulator…
  4. Please select file to operate.
  5. Identifying data…
  6. Current EEPROM data:Key count: 1, key type: F1
  7. Generating LKE…
  8. Generation completed, please put the generated LKE close to ignition, turn on dashboard, enter [add key] menu to program new key.




  1. If failed to bind LKE emulator or to generate emergency key, generally it is a problem of induction, please change LKE’s placement and try again.
  2. The location of IMMO is generally near the co-pilot seat.


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