Lonsdor KH100+, Xhorse Mini Key Tool, Keydiy Which to Choose?


Lonsdor KH100+, Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool and Keydiy KD-X2 which of these 3 tools do you think would be the best option, as a support cloner?




Xhorse and Keydiy both are good devices at adding remote control and chip.

Xhorse mini key tool is the best for cloning and also is good to generate universal remotes.  VVDI tool max is a much better machine than the others, it gives away 1 cloned id48 every day..

But with the price of vvdi tool max I can buy the lower versions, mini key tool, so I would have 2 devices, I would only lose some functions in wireless.

KD and KH100 can be purchased for backup as they have other advantages.

You can use Lonsdor KH100+ to create smart fob for lexus toyota and use the VVdi to clone and unlock lexus toyota smart fob.

KH100 – can make some Toyota smart keys (can copy 8a toyota smart key directly) and is the only key tool that can read properly 902Mhz frequency on some USA remotes. 

Keydiy kd-x2 can generate some remotes that missing on Xhorse and the time for ID48 cloning is few minutes than over 1 hour with xhorse.

Xhorse failed to clone PCF7935 transponder, keydiy and kh100 without problem.

So you will need 2-3 different items or more. To be sure to do the job, with one of them.
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