Program Chrysler 2018 up Smart Key by Lonsdor K518 with L-JCD Cable

Lonsdor K518ISE does succeed on some Chrysler Dodge smart key 2019-2020 but your need force cable connects to CAN wires bypass security SGW.

The Lonsdor L-JCD cable is for: Fiat, Chrysler automobile group from 2018 bypass SGW. Just Can H, L from OBD lonsdor to CAN H, L in car.    lonsdor-l-jcd-adapter


Easy to bo by yourself with female OBD connector.

diy lonsdor sgw cable

How to program Chrysler & Dodge 2018 to 2021 smart key fob using Lonsdor k518 with L-JCD-cable?

We will show you how to program keys for newer dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Ram vehicles 2018, and newer using L-JCD-bypass cable!!

Example: 2019 Chrysler 300 add smart key

*Better provide detail model year information to or Lonsdor technician to confirm.


Locate the SGW security gateway module under the passenger seat right here you need to take this cover, the sgw module is right over here, right in that area basically.  you will see there is two plus in There connected to a module you should unplug those plugs, unplug them and connect your L-JCD connector.




We have 3 keys, an old one, an original key and a new key to be programmed


In K518ISE, you go to Immobilizer->Chrysler->Select from vehicle->North American-300->2019-2020->Smart key ->Sdd smart key



I find the best way to learn new keys, is near here but no close to the start button


Then follow the instructions, it will be fine.