Lonsdor New PH0440B Smart Key PCB Fixed Old 8A Bugs

Lonsdor updated the old  FT11 H0410C Toyota and FT08-H0440C Lexus 8A smart key to the new PH0440B boards.


New board features:

  • Default 312MHz/314MHz, fix frequency change bugs. Frequency can be changed to match to vehicles from different regions
  • Fix bugs that failed to be programmed to some old 8A Toyota/Lexus models.

New Lonsdor FT08 PH0440B V2.0 Toyota Style Smart Key 

Replace the old FT11 H0410C board

optional key shell: 3+1 buttons with logo


New Lonsdor FT02 PH0440B V1.2 Lexus Style Smart Key

Replace the FT08-H0440C board

optional key shell: 3 buttons with logo


Lonsdor 8A smart key programming example:

Program 2020 Toyota RAV4 All Keys Lost with Lonsdor K518ISE

Lonsdor Toyota 8A Smart Key Supported Car List

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