Lonsdor K518 Toyota Lexus 8A/4A Proximity Programming with ADP Adapter

New Lonsdor Toyota/Lexus 4A proximity solution is coming – Lonsdor ADP 8A/4A Adapter, working with K518 Ranges, supports Toyota/Lexus both 8A and 4A smart key programming up to 2021.


Support list

ADP Adapter is mainly designed for new Toyota/Lexus Smart Key (2017- 2021).

Support Toyota/Lexus 2018- (0410, 0440…)

Support Toyota 4A (Corolla, Levin…)

  • 8A: DST-AES 88 A8 A9 AA

The specific functions:

  • Backup IMMO data
  • Add key via OBD
  • All keys lost
  • Delete key
  • Works with Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S
  • All keys lost requires LKE emulator as well
  • Free password to program dealer key & Lonsdor FT dedicated key


How to use ADP 8A/4A Adapter with K518?

This is an earlier guide with K518 Chinese version, check EN guide with English Manual here:

Lonsdor ADP Adapter Manual: Backup IMMO, Add Key and Delete Key

Main steps:

  • Connect Adapter with Smart Box
  • Backup Immo data
  • Generate emulator key (8A/4A)
  • Add key


Locate the smart box and connect the 8A/4A adapter cable

For example


Lexus ES260 smart box location:

Under the passenger-seat compartment


Lexus LS500 smart box location:

Under the left-hand side of the driver’s seat


Here takes Lexus es260 all keys lost as an example.


Backup immo box data

Find the immo box below the storage box on passenger side, connect the adapter cable (24-pin/27-pin) to the immo box.

Connect smart box and ADP adapter to smart box via the professional harness

Enter Toyota 8A Smart Key System menu and select “Backup Immo Data”.

Make sure we have a good cables & network connection.



Then read the software Number

Read and save immo box data.


Disconnect the ADP adapter and restore the immo box.



Generate emulator key (8A/4A)

AKL requires an LKE emulator key, add key does not.

Network connection is required. Make sure the connection is normal

On Toyota 8A Smart Key System menu, select “Generate emergency/emulator key (4A8A)”.

Put LKE emulator into k518 induction coil

Load the immo box data file read in step 2 to obtain 12-digit license code.

(If you have 12-digit license code, select method 2 and continue)



Generate emulator key successfully, then use the key to turn on the ignition switch, and enter the key matching function to add new key



Add Smart Key


On Toyota 8A Smart Key System menu, select “Add key”.

Turn on the ignition by an emergency key. (Press the start button, and put the key on the button)

Turn off the ignition and open the emergency light.

Load the immo box file to get 12-digit license code.

Then we’ll get key info.


*This step is important! Watch carefully before the operation!


Finish the following operation within 30s

  • Put the back of the registered key or generated emulator key on the Start button, when the buzzer beeps one time, remove the smart key or emulator key
  • Put the back of the smart key that needs registration on the Start button, when the buzzer beeps twice, remove the smart key

Add key success.


Now the registered key number is 3, and the key can be registered is 4.

Finally, put the back of the smart key that has just registered on the Start button, the buzzer beeps.

Programming is completed.


Lonsdor ADP 8A/4A adapter can delete smart key:

Note: This function is used to remove all keys that are not present.

The keys that do not touch the start button will be removed and cannot be registered again.

Turn the ignition switch on

Read out the software number

Turn off the ignition switch, and turn on the dual flashing lights

Select ‘Load the smart box DFlash file to get 12-bit PIN code’

Select the data has backed up

Put the key to be kept near the start button, beeps one time




Remove the keys that need to be deleted from the car

Key deleting is successful. Now the registered key number is 2.


Where to buy Lonsdor Super ADP 8A/4A Adapter?

Here you can go:


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