Will Lonsdor K518ISE Program Key for Renault Clio 4 2014+?

As titled, will Lonsdor K518ISE program smart key for Renault Clio4 year 2014 and up?



Lonsdor K518 supports following Clio models:

Renault Clio 2000-2008 VIN with (VF1 * B)
Renault Clio 2006-2012 VIN with (VF1 * R) Immobilizer
Renault Clio 2006-2012 VIN with (VF1 * R) Smart key
Renault Clio 1997-1999

Renault Clio menu under Lonsdor key programmer:


If it is black smart card yes.

Clio with updated system, done by OBD.
If not yet update newest system, done by eeprom. 


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