Will Lonsdor K518ISE Program Toyota 2022 Smart Key?

Will Lonsdor K518ISE program Toyota 2022 smart keys, i.e Land cruiser 2022 add key and all keys lost? If yes, what key to use?  original key, aftermarket key or must be Lonsdor key?


Here’s the clue:


Check the P04 page of the smart key, if P4 ends with BABA or 3939, Lonsdor cannot do all keys lost, only add key.

If P04 page is not BABA or 3939, Londsor will do both add key and all keys lost.

All keys lost requires ADP adapter and LKE emulator.  Generate LKE emulator and add key. You can use either OEM, aftermarket or Lonsdor keys as well as key board is correct.



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