Lonsdor K518 Read Hyundai/Kia ID46 Smart Key PIN Code by OBD

Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer is the first tool to read Kia / Hyundai PIN code for Type 46 & 47 keys by OBD and add Smart Key without PIN code. Here’s the guide on read pin code for common 46 chip and smart key 46 chip respectively.


Hyundai Mechanical key with common 46 chip


Some tools will read/decode PIN code from Hyundai/Kia common 46 chip, i.e JMD Handy Baby, ND900, VVDI2, so does Lonsdor K518

1) Read ID46 chip pin code with K518


Connect K518 host with vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket
Select Immobilizer->Hyundai/Kia->By System->Read Pin Code->Read PIN Code (46 chip)

Wait a few seconds to read PIN


AD900/ND900/Handy baby/VVDI2 decode original key pin code


For Hyundai/Kia manufactured in China
P1 line: 22 29 39 is the correct PIN code


For Hyundai/Kia abroad
P2: Line 73 85 + P1 line: 78, the correct PIN code is 73 85 78.


Hyundai Smart key card with 46 chip


You need to collect key data and decode with ND900 Mini/CN900 Mini first

You properly need to try many times to collect data on Hyundai models with card slot until decode success

It is easy to collect key data on start-stop models
Attached smart key and ND900 to Start button

Remove the battery of the smart key



Decode success:
Write down the pin: ED F0 F8 EB 51 92 

Then Unlock PIN with Lonsdor K518ISE



Select Immobilizer->Hyundai/Kia->By System->Read Pin Code->Read PIN Code (smart key 46 chip)


Remove the card slot holder
Insert a working key into the card slot


K518 require to enter 12 digit key pin decoded by mini ND900 and confirm


Displays current key ID
Reading pin code, wait for 30 sec


K518 successfully read 6-digit Pin code from Hyundai 46 smart key.


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