Lonsdor K518ISE Write Volvo XC90 CEM M30855FW FLASH

Xhorse VVDI Prog failed to write Volvo XC90 CEM with Renesas MCU M30855FW, all dump is FF FF. You can clone this CEM with Lonsdor K518ISE Kprog programmer.


The function requires an extra 12V power supply.

Go to Adapter- MCU- Renesas- R32C/M16C- Write Flash menu

Choose Renesas MCU M30855FW

Select the original Flash bin file.

lonsdor-volvo-xc90-renesas-mcu-1 lonsdor-volvo-xc90-renesas-mcu-2 lonsdor-volvo-xc90-renesas-mcu-3

Make sure the connection between Kprog-2 and CEM module is correct

lonsdor-volvo-xc90-renesas-mcu-4 lonsdor-volvo-xc90-renesas-mcu-5 lonsdor-volvo-xc90-renesas-mcu-6

Write and verify data

lonsdor-volvo-xc90-renesas-mcu-7 lonsdor-volvo-xc90-renesas-mcu-8 lonsdor-volvo-xc90-renesas-mcu-9 lonsdor-volvo-xc90-renesas-mcu-10

Write flash data finished.

Lonsdor K518 Latest Volvo CEM Reading & Key Programming Guide

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