Lonsdor KH100+ No H0440C Key Detected Error

I have a 2017 Toyota Prius that has lost all its keys and I turned on this car with the device (Lonsdor KH100+) and the LKE simulator, but no matter how hard i try, i cannot add a remote for this car.

Kh100 gave error “Toyota online service No H0440C/H0410C key detected, adjust the position and retry”



The LKE emulator can not be used with KH100 remote maker. It is for K518ISE/K518S key programmer only.

The K0440C is for latest (2018 2019 2020) Toyota Lexus all smart keys lost via OBD, cannot be used on 2017 year model.

If the Toyota model has 93C86 immo type, it can be done by K518 and LKE emulator.

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