Toyota RAV4 and Highlander 2021 All Keys Lost done by Lonsdor

New user feedback:

today i test on 2 suv toyota rav4 and highlander hybrid both 2021 . Used the lonsdor board 0410b and i emulated the start button using the kh100 to calculate data.

when emulating all door should be closed, use the board to gather the data off the start button. press the start and hold the board near the button. t

he boards led light should blink when data is gather.

Take the board to the kh100 that is on the net to transfer the the data to get a emergency start. the whole thing takes less then 2 minutes.




If this work only on AA keys is not suitable for EU cars


They make different boards if you want to program Lonsdor smart key instead the genuine. For now 8A with pg.1 (AA)

All Lonsdor smart key boards are available here