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Lonsdor K518ISE Adds European Vehicles on May 5, 2018


Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer released new upgrade adding European Peugeot, Saab, MG, Land rover and Lacia vehicles immo key programming. PEUGEOT  PEUGEOT\Select from vehicle\1007\Immobilizer\Type 3 PEUGEOT\Select from vehicle\308\Immobilizer\Type 2 PEUGEOT\Select from vehicle\4008(China)\Smart Key PEUGEOT\Select from vehicle\4008(China)\Immobilizer LAND ROVER LAND ROVER\Select from type\Smart…
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Lonsdor K518ISE Updated American Immobilizer Vehicles (2018-05-03)


Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer released new upgrade adding American vehicles immobilizer key programming on May, 3rd, 2018. FORD FORD\Remote System LINCOLN  LINCOLN\Navigator\Remote System HUMMER  HUMMER\H2\Remote Programming\Type2\2008-2009 HUMMER\H2\Remote Programming Method\2003-2007 HUMMER\H2\Remote Programming Method\2008-2009 DODGE DODGE\Mechanical Key\Type\Type1(CAN) DODGE\Mechanical Key\Type\Type2(CAN) DODGE\Mechanical Key\Type\Type3(CAN) DODGE\Mechanical Key\Type\Type4(CAN) DODGE\Mechanical…
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Lonsdor K518ISE Program Hyundai Tucson 2017 Key Fob using Keydiy Remote


How to: Program Hyundai Tucson 2017 key fob by using Lonsdor k518ise key programmer & keydiy remote. Connect Lonsdor K518 host with vehicle via OBD socket Select Immobilizer->Hyundai->Select from type->Remote Control System->16 PIN->Type 2(CAN)->Program Remote Switch ignition on Switch ignition…
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