SKP1000 Adds Toyota Prado 2016 72 G Remote Key by OBD

Easy steps to add a 72 G remote key for Toyota Land cruiser Prado 2016 model by using SKP1000 key programmer via OBD.


Basic  information:

Chip type: 72 G

Remote frequency: 433MHz

OBD Connector: Under the dashboard

Security code: No need

Generate remote control: Yes

Device: SKP1000 tablet cart key programmer

Program remote: Manually


How to add a key:


Select Toyota


Select Immobilizer System 2


Select OBDII Connector

Turn ignition to ON position


Select Add a key


Insert the key to be added

Do not need to turn ignition to ON position


Wait for the immo indicator go off.

Program success.


PS: Manually program remote control:

  1. Close all doors, insert the key, open door on the drive side and remove the key
  2. Insert and remove the key into ignition switch twice
  3. Close the driver side door, open the side door  twice
  4. Insert and remove the key into switch once
  5. Close the side door then open it twice again
  6.  Insert key into switch, close the door
  7. Turn ignition ON then OFF once to add key, turn ON-OFF twice to setting mode
  8. Remove key, shake the door twice, meantime press on the “LOCK” and “UNLOCK”, released button after 1 second. Then repeat within 1 second. Dashboard will lock and unlock once automatically. If lock and unlock for once, it succeed. It failed if lock/unlock for twice.
  9. Program other remotes. Repeat step 8.

If manually program remote failed, you can use SKP-1000 to program remote.