SKP1000 Tablet Auto Car Key Programmer FAQ

Here we gathering some frequency asked questions and answers of SKP1000 car key programmer to make you better know the device.


Q: Is your SKP1000 original or clone tool?

A: SKP1000 tablet key programmer is developed by Lonsdor Tech who manufacturer K518 and CI600 Plus. We are the authorized agent and re-brand the English version to SKP1000.


Q: How to register SKP1000 key programmer?

A: SKP1000 does not need registration.


Q: How to activate SKP1000 key programmer?

A: SKP1000 does not require activation. Device is ready to use.


Q: Is it upgradeable?

A: Yes. both software and firmware can be updated. (search update manual on other posts)


Q: Where can i update the skp1000 software?

A: Update on official website:


Q: How about the update cost, 1 year free?

A:  Free update online for life time.


Q: What are the function of these 2 adapters in the package?


A: The green one on the top is the EEPROM adapter used to connect with chip. The other one is the SD card reader.


Q: Do you have full car list of SKP1000 programmer?

A: Sorry, we do not have skp 1000 full list currently.  But you can send car model and year to have our or Lonsdor technician to check if is can be done.


Q: Which machine does newest usa cars?  CK-200 or SKP1000?

A:  SKP1000


Q:Hi…..does this ship from the USA ? Also can this be used with a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan ?

A: Yes, it can be shipped from our USA warehouse. It supports 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan.


Q:Will this programmer the SKP 1000 do newer Ford’s 2013 and you were like Ford focus Ford escape with the 80 bit programming

A: Yes, SKP1000 can support newer fords 2013 focus, fusion fords with 80 bit keys.


Q: Will SKP1000 key programmer correct odometer for Toyota or Nissan?

A:  Sorry, SKP1000 wil not do Toyota odometer correction. It will do parts of Nissan mileage correction via OBD. SKP-1000 also performs other special functions, i.e Reset ECU/Immo, EPB, oil/service reset etc


Q: Does SKP1000 key programmer support VAG 4th & 5th immo key programming?

A: Yes, but only parts of VAG (4th & 5th immo ) supported.


Q: Will SKP1000 read pin code for 2003 dodge caravan from North America?

A: Sorry, it is not able to read pin code for this model.


Q: Will SKP-1000 program key for 2012 Land Cruiser ?

A: Yes. It will.


Q: Will SKP1000 program key for 2015 Ford and 2015 Jeep?

A: Yes. It will.


Q: Will SKP1000 copy Renault 4-button key card? Megane III 09 up and Laguna 10- ?

A: Megane III will not. Laguna yes.


Q: Will SKP1000 program key for 2007 Ford freestar ?

A: Sorry, skp1000 will not program key for Freestar.


Q: Will SKP1000 program Toyota innova crystal 2015-2016 keys?

A: Sorry, it will no program key on this model.


Q:  Can skp1000 do newer fords 2013 focus and 2013-2016 fusion?

A: Yes. It will do.


Q:  Can skp1000 program key for Land rover Discovery 2?

A: Sorry, it will not. SKP1000 will program key for Discovery 3 (-2012 and 2010-), Discovery 4 2010-2014



Q: Will SKP1000 read Fiat 500 pin code?

A: SKP1000 will read pin code for following Fiat models, Viaggio, Palio,Bravo,Siena and Pyron. Fiat 500 in not included.


Q: Will SKP-1000 key programmer do Toyota Corolla 2014 H chip all keys lost?

A: Sorry it will not do this model lost all key.


Q: Can SKP1000 read PSA Peugeot /Citroen BSI pin code?

A: Yes. It will. SKP100 will read PSA pin code from BSI. Check out the function under Special Function menu.


Q: For ignition key , SKP1000 maybe easier to clone?

A:  Chinese version does transponder key chip clone menu, the English version is unavailable (under development).


Q: Does SKP1000 support Ford F150 2015 year key programming?

A: SKP1000 is able to program older F150 keys, but not 2015 year.


Q: Can SKP1000 program Toyota landruiser 200 series 2015  when all keys have lost?

A: Sorry, can not do this model all keys lost.


Q: Will SKP1000 change BMW 2010 Series 1,3, x1,x3,x5,x6 and Mercedes 2010 up odometer correction?

A: Mercedes brand does not listed on SKP1000 odometer correction menu. BMW does, but covers some CAS models only.

Please send detail model and year to confirm if it will do.


Q: Does SKP1000 come with smart key emulator like K518?

A: Sorry, SKP1000 does not come with smart key emulator.


Q: Will SKP1000 program remote key on Dodge Ram 07 CAN system?

A: Ram 2007 CAN pulled pin and programmed key, remote worked too.


Q: Can SKP1000 program Mazda 3 year 2017 key?

A: Yes, Mazda 3 2017 no pin needed !!!!


Q: Can skp1000 read pin on Seat Altea 2007 1.9TDI?

A: Yes, Seat Altea 2007 1.9TDI – read pin OK (without working key, only ignition)



More FAQ will be added to the post. To be continued…