Lonsdor K518ISE Calculation Data “It is term of validity” Solution


Somebody tested Volvo key programming? Interested fact is the calculation data has ‘it’s term of validity’. I mean if we calculate data from CEM Lonsdor K518ISE accept calculated file but if we try it next day, then device say wrong file and we need to calculate one more time. I haven’t chance to test on real car yet, now just playing with CEM units. But I wonder how they calculate those datas and why they expire?


Lonsdor engineer solution:

If you use other programmer to read out the CEM data, then K518 need to transfer, and it will have ‘it’s term of validity’ error. If you use Lonsdor K518 + KPROG to read CEM and data will be automatically saved into K518, then it won’t have the validity issue.



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