What Key Programmers are working for Nissan Leaf?


What programmers are working for Nissan Leaf? I use Zed-Full for most of the later Nissans but every time I try and program a smart key on a Leaf I just end up with I-Key error on the dash and the original key won’t even work. Battery disconnect for a few minutes gets the original working again but can never successfully add a key.



Option 1:

Londsor K518ise, people having many success with new Nissan cars with this tool.I make new key in Lonsdor K518 2017 Leaf all key lost,10 minutes’ job. all work.


Option 2:

Zedfull does work to program leaf. We have done 100+ Leafs, very easy and fast job, it even works on the new 2018 model.
What we do is to just ZF to turn off the electric steering wheel lock, it will find bcm, convert to pin and turn off steering wheel lock in one process, then you dont have to use ZF anymore, just register keys.

push button with key logo so dash comes on, push buttom again to dash goes off, click unlock, if thats the last key, finish with lock.
doors must be closed when doing last key and finishing programming with lock button on key.
a message in dash will blink 5 times to confirm that programming mode is finished. id it doednt blink, simply repeat last two steps, push start button with key to light dashboard, push start button again to let the dash go off, push unlock, then lock. dashboard will confirm.

remember to start with no keys in car, and no more than one key inside the car in any given time during programming.


Option 3:

Truecode, Handy Baby will do as well.



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