Will Lonsdor K518 Program Range Rover Vogue K8D2 All Keys Lost?

Will Lonsdor K518ISE program 2020 Range Rover Vogue K8D2 RFA all keys lost?


Read RFA information, check if RFA is locked or not.


If RFA is locked, you have to replace RFA. If replace RFA successfully you can program all keys lost. Need luck.


Here is the instruction on how to replace RFA MCU chip.


If RFA is not locked, Try this menu, without replacing RFA chip. Function must have JLR AKL license activated and use Lonsdor new JLR key.

Menu path: Immo & Remote-LAND ROVER-Select from vehicle-Land Rover(2018-)-Smart key->Replace RFA (Beta) (skip program RFA procedure, direct program key).

We cannot guarantee it works 100%.


JLR pluto works key programming to the new landrover and jaguar up 2023.

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