Lonsdor K518ISE Nissan Sentra B18 2021 Key Not Working?


Lonsdor K518ISE Nissan Sentra B18 2021 while adding key procedure in the process of pin code reading ignition was off automatically. Then communication failed. Now ignition cannot be on. Remote also not working. How to solve this. I used the 16+32 gateway cable.



The BCM is bricked. No way to fix it. It has to be replaced now.
Visit dealer and be prepared to pay $1900.+
We had the same about 6 months ago
But, we were lucky because, was a salvage car being sold only for parts. Motor and Trans, etc. Nothing electronic at all.
But, when we checked with dealer this is what they said.
Very common problem. The Autel IM608 killed the BCM from 2021 Nissan Sentra, even I used the adapter for new Nissan.

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